3M's Dave Williams Talks Large Format PCT Multi-Touch Displays

3M's Dave Williams Talks Large Format PCT Multi-Touch Displays

12 Mar 2015

​Dave Williams is the 3M EMEA Sales Manager for the Gaming sector. Here, he summarises the latest technology trendlines that are bringing large format TFT displays with multitouch into our daily lives: 

"There is an increasing demand for Multi-touchdisplays and surfaces and everyone has become accustomed to the interaction and use of a natural user interface ( NUI). This has mainly been driven by the many devices that we all engage with on a day to day basis, such as smartphones and tablet devices that are all to some degree multi-touch enabled.

A large format screen (greater than 32") allows this interactive solution to become not only a digital signage messaging platform, but also a captivating and intuitive multi-touch surface. This will even have the ability to become an interactive multi-user panel, capable of providing an iPad/ Samsung Galaxy Tablet like feel to the display. 3M projected capacitive touch screens used on these large format displays provide a fast responsive solution, offering a full multi-touch surface capable of simultaneously handling 40 plus touch points. Coupled with the aesthetically pleasing and practical flat front glass (edge to edge) surface and specialised coatings these are robust, convenient and totally user friendly.

Projected capacitive is one of the few touch technologies that works equally efficiently when used in either a horizontal or a vertical table solution. It is unaffected by false/ ghost touches caused by palms or clothing breaking IR beams or optical camera systems, and with the high number of simultaneous points that the 3M Touch Electronics is able of process, coupled with the advanced built-in palm rejection algorithm it can ensure that unintentional contact with the screen is ignored and does not interfere with the user’s intended action.

The design of the projected capacitive sensor has more than 10,000 touch sensing points in close proximity, making it exceptionally precise and accurate across the entire touchscreen. 3M PCT’s durable glass surface also has unique anti-stiction properties that reduce surface friction and allow a users fingers to effortlessly glide across the display for trouble-free gesture functions."

Dave Williams concludes "This fast, accurate, and easy to use multi-touch screen enables customers to create, deliver and experience innovative and engaging multi-user applications across the following sectors:

  • ​​Financial
  • Training and Simulation
  • Wayfinding, Virtual Concierge
  • Industrial Automation
  • Arcade Gaming, Casino Gaming, Amusement
  • Telepresence
  • Geospatial
  • Point-of-Information (POI)
  • Interactive Point of Purchase (iPOP)
  • Assisted Selling, Retail Product Selectors
  • Digital Signage
  • Trade Show/Convention, Museum Exhibit
  • Kiosks, Self Service
  • Computer Aided Design, S/W Development
  • Security Monitoring Systems, Control Room
  • Healthcare
  • Media and Broadcast​"