Continuity & Support for Gaming Payment Systems

Continuity & Support for Gaming Payment Systems

18 Sep 2017

Now in their 5th decade of continuous operation in the global Gaming Sector, the Eurocoin team are justifiably valued by their many clients for the quality of their service during momentous changes in payment methods & technologies.

The company has expanded their sales, service and support operations considerably across Europe during these years, and now has office locations in 11 different cities. The Eurocoin team are local, knowledgable, and able to provide fast & efficient back-up for regional gaming operators across the entire range of payment technologies & hardware solutions.

"As our name confirms, we continue to be immersed in the business of payment processing!" explained Gaming Divisional Manager Nathalie Redon, whose own 20-year journey with Eurocoin has coincided with the industry's transition from coin-in -coin-out to the current range of mobile and electronic payments. "Our business has evolved continuously to keep up with and reflect the changing demands of the gaming sector's preferred payment solutions. What started with coins & tokens has now already moved through bank notes & TITO and into the full mobile-pay & contactless era. And Eurocoin remains right here beside our customers, providing products, experience and technical back-up, every step of the way!"

The pathway towards cashless gaming has not been straightforward & nor has it been universally adopted. However, the Eurocoin product range has been carefully selected to meet both operational and compliance requirements. The company's range of Creator Card Readers, for example, offers gaming manufacturers a wide choice of high quality, multi-functional devices that can be utilised for both payment, loyalty & I.D. purposes. Coupled with Eurocoin's field-proven Barcode Scanners, the company is able to deliver these latest innovations to both OEM machine builders and gaming operators alike.

Of course, the gaming operators' preferred payout method continues to be TITO - Ticket In, Ticket Out. After more than 15 years of dominance, this system continues to be popular with players and venues alike, and once again, forms a core part of Eurocoin business. "Our extensive partnership with the inventors of the slot machine ticket - Slot-Tickets Inc - continues to be hugely successful" confirmed Redon. "Whilst lower grade, non-approved paper tickets are being marketed now, our own clients quite correctly prefer to protect their businesses by staying with Eurocoin - their established, trusted supply partner. Our integrity never drops in this vitally important area, and none of our clients want to experience the type of printer and bill acceptor jams & problems that are associated with tickets that do not meet the Kanzaki TO-381N quality standard"

New payment product introductions naturally form an important part of Eurocoin's working life, and 2017 is no exception. "A number of hard-working bill acceptors and TITO Printers are scheduled to go end-of-life in the near future" explained Redon "and right now we are very busy introducing clients to all the benefits of the new GEN5 Ticket Printer". As an Authorised Sales & Service partner for JCM Global across Europe, the Eurocoin team sell, support and repair the entire range of JCM bill acceptors and printers, providing essential spare parts and return-to-base service for UBA, iVIZION, iPRO, GEN2U and all the other JCM core components. "This type of support is greatly valued by our customers, especially during the challenges of new currency introductions, such as the new €50 note, or the emergence of fraud notes" added Redon.

Overall, then, Eurocoin remains a forward-focused business that continuously extends its support and assistance to gaming operators and OEMs seeking an established & reliable B-2-B supplier. In this vital area of payment processing and technologies, the company has an almost unrivalled experience, and continues to be the first-choice supply partner of leading companies across the gaming industry.