Eurocoin to Launch Cashlogy POS System at RBTE 2015

Eurocoin to Launch Cashlogy POS System at RBTE 2015

19 Feb 2015

​Eurocoin's new revolutionary Cashlogy device for retail cash desk operations of every size will be launched at the RBTE 2015 Exhibition, the company has announced. Visitors will be able to see the Cashlogy system in operation on Stand #718 at London's Olympia Exhibition Centre on March 10th-11th.

Cashlogy works seamlessly with your existing POS system, but replaces your currently installed open cash draw. All coins and banknotes from the client are inserted into the Cashlogy device, automatically validated, counted and stacked inside, and the correct change is immediately paid out with the receipt, to be returned to the client. There is no staff access to a cash draw required at all.

There are instant and tangible benefits for Cashlogy operators. All counting and change-giving human errors by your staff are eliminated, as are petty theft or pilferage from your cash register. All bank notes and coins are counted, bagged and stored in the Cashlogy unit, ready for your end-of-day cashing-up routine. ​

For a full demonstration or a quotation, please contact our sales team ​