Eurocoin - Support for Kiosk Operators Across Europe

Eurocoin - Support for Kiosk Operators Across Europe

9 Jun 2016

Colin Veitch, Director of both Eurocoin Ltd & the Novo Components Group, shares some insights into how their pan-European sales & service operation views the current kiosk market sector.

What are the latest trends in the kiosk sector?

Between Eurocoin here in the UK, and our network of regional offices across Europe, we are seeing an increasing number of business opportunities being generated by the growth in payment transaction terminals & interactive kiosks. These are being generated from every major market sector, including retail, medical, transportation, vending and commercial. From our perspective, trend lines tend to be measured in enhanced kiosk functionality and hardware requirements. New resilient touchscreens, contactless card readers, note recyclers, fingerprint & iris readers, document scanners and a host of new components are already being incorporated into kiosks that are being designed to further automate our daily lives. 

How does it differ from the amusement and gaming sector in terms of components?

Automated kiosks are multi-functional devices, and therefore tend to have a much larger bill-of-materials. The finished devices are often placed in demanding external conditions, so components such as TFT displays and touchscreens need to be sunlight-resistant and weather-proof, and the entire range of components must be able to deal with large temperature range changes. In addition, many kiosks are placed in high-traffic areas and function on a 24-7 basis, so reliability in demanding circumstances is vital. We have worked very hard to produce hardware solutions for the kiosk manufacturers that meet these very important requirements.

What forms of payment technology are proving to be most popular? 

Typically, kiosks have offered the widest range of payment options to users – coin, note, card & mobile payments. Advances in technology are driving change - we already offer mobile Apple Pay on our Thomas range of PayStation kiosks, for example. However, in certain market sectors, ‘choice’ is being denied…you only have to look at the adoption of cashless or SMS payments only for on-street parking now in many places in the UK to see this. Kiosk operators continue to recognise, though, that their clients need to be provided with efficiency and service at the point of transaction, if they are to remain happy to work with automation. Therefore, we continue to supply large numbers of banknote recyclers and dispensers to kiosk suppliers, in order that change may be given in cash where required – supermarket self-checkouts are a very good example of this functionality in action.

Which geographical markets does your company supply into? 

Our regional offices are located in 7 different countries across Europe, and specialise in the supply and support of world-class product brands to kiosk providers. Our co-Directors & teams in Hungary, Serbia, Romania, Poland, Spain, Italy & Bulgaria are highly experienced in the multiple market sectors that have adopted automated kiosks over the past years. We are engaged in a huge variety of projects across the region that focus our commercial and support teams on everything from railway station ticketing in Bucharest to car park payments in Warsaw, from fuel pump payments in Rome to vending machines in Belgrade & Barcelona. Our ability to provide continuity, technical service and support across the entire region plays a significant part in our commercial successes with kiosk manufacturers and operators.

How involved in the design process of the kiosk do you get? 

We have a considerable amount of experience in the kiosk components area, and so are regularly consulted by clients who are seeking to improve aspects of their terminals’ performance. Our extensive range of outdoor-rated TFT and touch products, for example, is an area where we can offer significant time/cost savings by suggesting one of our proven display panel solutions that will be fit-for-purpose for kiosk operations. In addition, we often will work with the client’s project R&D team to help them select currency products that meet their key criteria for performance, but allow them to keep the unit price within budget.   

What is the most exciting kiosk project you have been involved in? 

I think that one of the most satisfying kiosk projects for us has been the successes achieved in the National Health Service with our Thomas PayStation. These have been deployed in hospital out-patient departments to allow visitors & patients the opportunity to pre-pay for prescriptions, new baby scans, and a variety of other functions.  We’ve provided a completely configurable kiosk to the NHS for this project and have been delighted with the response. St Mary’s NHS Trust commented “Quite simply, we now confidently leave the cash management side of prescriptions payments to the Thomas machine and our Finance Department, and our nursing team get on with looking after our patients!”

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