On the eve of the company’s 40th Anniversary of service to the gaming industry, Chris Sanson speaks to Colin Veitch, Managing Director

On the eve of the company’s 40th Anniversary of service to the gaming industry, Chris Sanson speaks to Colin Veitch, Managing Director

26 Apr 2013

What amongst the new products Eurocoin have launched over the last year have impressed you most and why?


The Epicentral System, allowing the real-time printing of promotional messages and coupons to gaming machine players whilst they are playing at the slot machine, has undoubtedly been one of the most exciting Eurocoin product launches in recent years.


Promotions especially Slot based are proving very effective for Casinos with more and more European operators realising the effectiveness of this new way of promotion and incentives. Eurocoin provide Epicentral software system that prints targeted promotions right at the slot machine. How has your organisation been finding the popularity of this new way of marketing?


We are delighted to report that there appears to be an unprecedented level of interest from casino operators around the globe in adopting a coupon-based promotional print system for their marketing & rewards programmes.


Slots Department marketing programmes are not new – far from it – and in many ways they have been the backbone of growth on casino floors.  Epicentral is suddenly giving them a marvellous, real-time delivery mechanism for their rewards and messages to their key players.


Epicentral is proving to be a superb tool for the industry professionals in casino Slots & Marketing Departments, who immediately see the tremendous advantages in sending promotional coupons and messages directly to their targeted players, right at the machine!


Critical to Epicentral’s worldwide appeal and to the casino’s success is that Epicentral allows multiple marketing promotions to be run simultaneously on each individual slot machine. This means that casino Marketing Departments can design many different promotions that will be tracked, triggered and printed – not just a ‘one promotion fits all players’ approach.


Epicentral clients are experiencing genuine benefits from running the system on their casino floors, as you can see from the performance statistics released by Red Wind Casino.


Could you explain for those operators whom are yet to trial this technology what is involved?


If a casino operator is running an Epic 950 ticket printer in their machines, they can run our Epicentral system. If they are using an alternate thermal TITO printer, we simply swap this product over to an Epic 950.


Epicentral receives its data directly from the casino’s slot accounting system and from any other casino databases available – the Player Tracking Club data, for example, or perhaps the casino’s online membership database. By cleverly merging the data from these various sources, Epicentral gives the casino the broadest possible view of the players’ individual performances, and allows multiple reward coupons of varying values and themes to be printed across the casino floor.


Is training required to run a promotional campaign on the Epicentral software and a strong understanding of IT or is it relatively easy to operate?


Epicentral is supplied with an easy-to-use dashboard for Slots & Marketing Department personnel. This gives them complete control over the design, testing and implementation of every single coupon promotion that they wish to run on the slots floor. There is no extensive IT know-how required, and our experienced trainers, who install and launch the system on-site with the local operations staff, provide training and answers to any questions raised.


How easy is this system to install and how compatible is it with the many different operating systems operated by European Casinos?


The good news for European casino operators is that (a) Epicentral is straightforward to install and (b) we have already completed the integration with major system suppliers such as Bally, IGT, Konami and Spielo. Further development projects with other casino management and accounting system suppliers are underway as we speak.


What you say are the main functions that come with the Epicentral system and key benefits provided as the list looks extensive?


In addition to the ‘Campaign Centre’ dashboard that we have already discussed, our iPad or SmartPhone based ‘Mobile Host’ module is attracting enormous attention from European customers.

In many European locations, casino operators have not deployed full player tracking, so effectively time on machine session data is ‘anonymous’. Not with Epicentral! Our Mobile Host module allows Casino floor staff to view real-time slot session information on the iPad, and then manually identify the player via this interface. The Casino employee can even be empowered to send this player a coupon directly from the iPad, that will pay out right then, right at the player’s machine!


How do European Casinos progress their interest in Epicentral with Eurocoin?


We have a good team of highly experienced people who are involved in every aspect of the pan-European launch of Epicentral. The technical team, led by TransAct’s Gary Parkin, is currently installing Epicentral in Casino Konstanz for the B-W Spielbanken Group, and this will go live in Q2 2013. For further details of how to arrange a trial of Epicentral, I would encourage clients to contact me directly at colin.veitch@eurocoin.co.uk or your Eurocoin Account Director across Europe.


What are the key products that Eurocoin will have on show for those attending the Slot Summit ( 23 to 25th April ) held this year at the impressive Hohensyburg Casino Dortmund? Will attendees be able to see for example the Epicentral promotional system in operation?


Yes, our Casino Customer Service team, led by Divisional Manager Nathalie Redon will have a full demonstration of Epicentral running at Slot Summit in Dortmund, so do come and take a closer look!


In addition, we will be displaying all our major products that are continuously in demand by our gaming clients – JCM Bill Acceptors, 3M touch screens, TFT displays, Slot Tickets and spare parts. 


The 3M touch solution looks like a winner?


Just wait until you see the latest multi-touch solutions from 3M! These new sensors, that can process 10+ simultaneous touches, are really getting gaming machine designers and programmers excited. There is a whole new world of collaborative multi-touch games just around the corner…


Eurocoin are currently promoting a campaign offering a Cash-back trade in on older bill acceptors - could you explain more and how popular has the campaign been to-date?


Yes, absolutely. As you and your readers may know, there is an entire new generation of €uro banknotes being launched, starting this summer with the new ‘Europa Series’ of €5 banknotes. Other higher denominations are due to follow.


There are a number of hard-working but older generation bill acceptors that are still operating on casino floors today, but which will ultimately be unable to manage these new banknotes efficiently. Accordingly, Eurocoin has been promoting a trade-in scheme for our clients, offering cash-back for older bill acceptors when they are exchanged for market-leading devices such as the JCM iVIZION or UBA.


I’m delighted to say this promotion has been very well received by clients, and our Customer Service team are very busy with this offer with casino clients across Europe.