Latest Statistics Prove Epicentral Coupon System Successes

Latest Statistics Prove Epicentral Coupon System Successes

17 Sep 2013

TransAct Technologies have recently released the latest headline statistics from casino customers who have installed the Epicentral Print System, and the numbers make excellent reading, according to Eurocoin Sales Director Colin Veitch...

"These Epicentral marketing campaign results are exactly what our European clients what to hear, and certainly what they want to experience on their own casino floors going forward!" commented Veitch, whose company holds the exclusive distribution rights for the system across Europe and Africa.

The latest Epicentral results, captured from 5 different casino locations operating more than 5,000 machines, include very significant campaign successes:

  • A 100% increase in lower-tier player Average Daily Theoretic Win on the day of an Epicentral Random Reward coupon promotion
  • 87% Redemption rates achieved on Epicentral coupons targeted at carded casino players
  • 73% increase in Coin In achieved in a single one-hour unadvertised Epicentral promotion
  • 40% Redemption rate on Epicentral coupons designed to encourage mid-week player visits
  • 30% increase in new player enrolment in casino loyalty club in less than 90 days, following Epicentral coupon promotions
"Epicentral is already 'live' at London's famous Hippodrome Casino on Leicester Square" continued Veitch "and 4 further European casinos will launch Epicentral to their players in October & November 2013. For more information on how to add Epicentral to your casino floor, contact the sales team at Eurocoin on"