Manage Your Machines with TITO

Manage Your Machines with TITO

16 Dec 2015

TITO Machine Systems: Here to Make Managing Your Gaming Operations Easier

The ticket-in ticket-out system (TITO) has introduced a new concept of machine-based gaming to the UK: coin-free payout. Around the world, TITO has been the most rapidly-accepted change in slot machine history and this is due to the many advantages that it brings to gaming industry operators.

Before going into detail on the advantages of the TITO system, let’s first understand how it works.  


  • Firstly, customers insert money into a slot machine’s bill acceptor or coin validator as usual, and this money will appear on the credit-bank on the machine to be played.
  • When the player has finished playing and wishes to cash-out, a barcoded ticket is printed at the machine with a unique validation number displayed on the ticket. 
  • The barcode securely represents the amount of money cashed out, so the ticket is effectively like holding real cash – indeed, the ticket itself is deliberately designed to be the same dimensions as the US Dollar bill! 
  • The individual ticket data is stored on a secure server, so it can be verified at any time, but only redeemed once. 
  • Each ticket can either be exchanged for cash, inserted to play into another TITO machine, or can be saved and used again on another visit.  
  • Tickets display a clearly printed expiration date, which can be set to a fixed number of days, depending on the venue’s policy.

It will be immediately clear that this technology is really helpful and useful, especially for players who no longer have to carry cups or buckets of dirty coins, nor have to queue for a cashier to count them. 

Operators can install Redemption Kiosks, such as the CashIO or PayStation, on their gaming floors, to allow TITO tickets​ to be securely redeemed without the need for a manned Cash Desk to even be open.  In this manner, the TITO system eliminates risks, as it delivers a new way of thinking for casino and gaming operator employers: your team are no longer counting coins, they will be counting & scanning tickets… Large-scale coin processing is eliminated in the gaming operation, and huge values of coins that needed to be placed every morning into the machine hoppers, just to ‘float’ the games, can now be removed permanently and sent to the bank!

Following some research, it appears that TITO systems are considerably increasing casinos’ business, as 2 out of every 3 Slot Tickets printed are reinserted by players into another machine, greatly increasing the turnover of money through the machines.


TITO UK.JPGAlthough players might miss the feel of the coins in their hands or even the sound of money dropping into the coin tray, the fact is that modern slot machines already use technology to emulate these winning sounds. Feedback from players on TITO has been almost universally positive – any ticket being printed at their machine is recognised as 'good news’, and they enjoy the flexibility of the new ‘barcoded ticket currency’.



In conclusion, a TITO machine system reduces cash handling, eliminates expensive machine floats, simplifies account procedures and avoids long queues of players in casinos & games rooms waiting for a hand pay. These are all huge advantages for the gaming industry. TITO is definitely a safer, easier and even more elegant way to play!

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