New €50 Note to be Released in April 2017

New €50 Note to be Released in April 2017

16 Aug 2016

​The European Central Bank has unveiled the latest denomination to be released in the new 'Europa' series of bank notes - the new €50 note will arrive in circulation on 4th April 2017.

The launch of the new €50 note is very significant, as it is the most widely-used bank note in the Eurozone, accounting for more than 45% of all notes in circulation. There are actually more €50 notes than €5, €10 & €20 notes added together!

The new €50 note incorporates many of the anti-fraud deterrents that have previously been adopted in the Europa series note production, including a trasnparent window near the hologram, plus an 'emerald number' that changes colour when tilted. These features will assist in fraud detection, by encouraging individuals to 'feel, look and tilt' the notes to check for authenticity.

Eurocoin clients operating large numbers and varieties of bill acceptors and bank note recyclers may, once again, rely upon our technical support and assistance with the upgrade of their validators. We will have the new €50 note set firmware ready to release in plenty of time before April 2017, plus will be able to supply and support the key time-saving hand-held tools, such as the JCM BlueWave​, which will allow your engineers to upgrade new note firmware at the machine site. 

For more information, please contact or call any of our regional UK or European offices.