News: Eurocoin Warns Customers to Avoid Unlicenced Slot Tickets....

News: Eurocoin Warns Customers to Avoid Unlicenced Slot Tickets....

6 Nov 2012

​"If you are offered slot tickets at prices that seem too good to be true, be very, very cautious!" is the advice offered by Nathalie Redon, European Gaming Division Manager for Eurocoin, and an expert in this field. "I have been helping clients who have mistakenly purchased paper tickets that ARE NOT approved by the leading ticket printer and gaming systems suppliers, and I can assure colleagues throughout the industry that this can result in painful and costly problems..."

Wise words from Redon, who leads Eurocoin's sales efforts of fully approved slot ticket paper from Slot Tickets Inc., the inventors of the gaming industry ticket. Eurocoin's slot tickets are all produced from thermal paper that meets the published Kanzaki TO-381N specification - the only paper specification approved by Epic printer manufacturer TransAct Technologies, plus Futurelogic, and major slot systems suppliers such as IGT EZ Pay.

"Non-approved paper leads to a higher incidence of printer jams, and more frequent failures when a ticket is inserted into a bill acceptor" explained Redon. "These cheaper papers result in barcodes and text fading on the tickets after printing. Very often the paper will turn solid black if exposed to sunlight or moderate heat, glass cleaners or solvents. Frankly, my clients have told me this experience with non-approved paper tickets has been 'an expensive disaster' and would rather their industry colleagues avoided the same mistakes...."

Need more infomation? You can reach Nathalie in our sales department at or call us on +44-1707-280000. And be careful out there....!