Upgrade to the New UK £1 Coin with Eurocoin

Upgrade to the New UK £1 Coin with Eurocoin

7 Jan 2016

​The arrival of the new 12-sided UK £1 coin is now less than 12 months away!

New £1.jpg

The new 23.5mm bi-metallic coin is very different to its predecessor, and your coin validators, counting machines and other devices are certain to need upgrade firmware, as a minimum. Remember, both old and new £1 coins will be in circulation simultaneously for a long period of time...

Fortunately, Eurocoin and E-Service will be ready to assist! We already have plenty of the new £1 coins in-house, and have made significant progress in the testing and programming with the new currency.


How the old and new £1 coins are be controlled will depend very much  on the age of your equipment, the technology employed and the machine manufacturer's software .  New equipment manufactured from 2016 will have software written that will control the Old and New £1 coins individually - it will be the operator's individual choice which coin he sends to the hopper, which one to the cash box and when to inhibit the old £1.

Older equipment running in serial (mainly CCTalk) protocol that is not going to be supported with manufacturer's software will not be able to control the Old and New £1 coins individually. Both coins will be credited and controlled as if they were one coin.  Both the Old and New coins will be sent to the hopper and cashbox without differentiation.  The operator will be able to decide when to inhibit the Old £1. Very old technology coin mechanisms may not be able to have both Old and New £1 coins programmed simultaneously.  The operator will need to decide when to have the mechanism reprogrammed to accept the New £1 and reject the Old £1. Should you wish to discuss your options regarding the technology you incorporate within your estate and what programming can be undertaken please don’t hesitate to contact our trained support staff on 01707 280050 or email directly to our Tech Support team at sales@e-service.co.uk