Eurocoin Develop, Integrate and support multiple touch solutions enabling customer to get the best solution for every occasion.

We support leading technologies like MicroTouch™ Surface Capacitive Touch screens, manufactured by 3M Touch Systems, available in sizes from 6.2” to 27” and can be fitted to Eurocoin standard open frame TFT solutions.

Thru-Touch next generation Projective Capacitive Touch that can function through a 6mm cover glass in available sizes 19” to 27”.

Standard Projective Capacitive Touch solution with 10 point touch, Palm detection and touch mapping support tools, available in sizes 19” to 27”.
Large format 20 Plus touch point Projective Capacitive Touch from 3M, available in sizes from 32” to 65”.
Eurocoin support standard units for each screen size and can develop custom options for Projective Capacitive Touch. 3M Surface Capacitive touch screens are still the preferred touch solution for all leading machine manufacturers and Eurocoin offer a same-day dispatch service operates for all 3M touch sensors and controllers held in stock. Eurocoin additionally operates a full technical support service to assist clients with any Touch System questions.

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