Tickets and Roll Paper

Tickets and Roll Paper

Slot Tickets Inc. are the inventors of the gaming industry slot ticket and Eurocoin is proud to be the exclusive distribution partner for Slot Tickets™ throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Slot Tickets™ are the international market leaders, producing over 3 billion tickets per year.

All Slot Tickets™ are manufactured only using approved thermal paper, as non-approved paper tickets can increase service calls on vital payout and ticket in processes, and additionally cause problems such as poor image quality and low ink density, among other issues.

Slot Tickets™ exclusively use gaming industry approved thermal paper, which features high resistance to a number of contaminents, and remarkable performance after 15 hours of water immersion.

Eurocoin are also one of Europe’s leading suppliers of thermal roll paper for printers.

Our high quality thermal paper comes from the largest manufacturer in Europe who process pulp in accordance with regional certification systems, guaranteeing all paper produced comes from 100% sustainable forests.

Eurocoin can additionally offer Promeroll™ thermal paper, which offers up to 7 colour print on the reverse side of the rolls.