€10 Upgrade Available for EBA 2x Series, Announces JCM

€10 Upgrade Available for EBA 2x Series, Announces JCM

Colin Veitch

​The EBA 2x Series bill acceptors will all be supported with new firmware releases for the 'Europa series' €10 bank note to be released across the Eurozone on 23rd September 2014, announced JCM today, 13.2.14

EBA 2x users should contact their local Eurocoin office to receive the details of how to order the new firmware. As an Authorised JCM Service Centre, Eurocoin will be able to assist all EBA 2x bill acceptor users with this transition and upgrade to the new bank notes. The upgrade will be released under a JCM official Software License Agreement, and details of any fees applicable can be explained by the experienced Eurocoin international Customer Service team members.

"We worked extremely hard to deliver pan-European support to our JCM user client base in 2013 during the €5 upgrade phase" commented Customer Service Manager Roger Atkinson "Once again, our team will be ready to help EBA 2x series users across Europe with this very significant new banknote roll-out in 2014"

For more information, please contact sales@eurocoin.co.uk 


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