Entry Level Playsafe Quantum System

Entry Level Playsafe Quantum System

Hanry Anjo

The Entry Level ​Playsafe Monitoring Quantum System has the following features:

  1. File Maintenance (Sites/Machines)
  2. Machine Movements
  3. Route Management (Single site operation)
  4. Collections (Multi-machine operation)
  5. Enquiries
  6. Utilities

These features are explained below:

  1. A full range of file maintenance facilities are available within Quantum to allow the user to create, amend, delete, list, print and search all of the records relevant to maintain your system. The optional records/fields are for SITES (Site owner, site performance, machine movement history and licence details) or MACHINES (Machine movement history, asset control, machine performance and licence details)
  2. A machine movement planning section is available in order to plan in advance which machines are to be installed, removed or exchanged from which sites and when
  3. A route planning facility is available to identify which routes are to be collected and by which collector and on what dates
  4. Collection facilities are available for arcades, bingo halls, FEC's etc., either for manually entered collections or with the use of handheld terminals coin counter links and/or full Wi-Fi data capture (WDC) facilities if required
  5. Standard machine enquiries/reports include machine and site performance enquiry, planned collections and machine movements, collection reports/enquiries, period accounting reports, site inventory and un-sited machines report
  6. Standard utility functions available include system backup, system restore and system log file report

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