Floating and Auditing Your Thomas PayStation

Floating and Auditing Your Thomas PayStation

Colin Veitch

​The daily or end-of-shift procedure for securely floating and auditing your Thomas PayStation can be found in User and Operations Manual HERE

This TechBlog summarises the quck and simple steps to complete this process, using our the secure, user-friendly touchscreen display on your PayStation:

  1. Insert your secure Staff Card and print off an Audit Report.
  2. Using the audit print out report, determine how much additional cash needs to be added to the dispensers
  3. Physically insert the required amount of notes/coins into the dispensers.
  4. Using the Stock screen, input the correct value of coins/notes to each dispenser that has been physically re-floated.
  5. Print off an additional Audit Report to show new stock levels.
  6. Remove the coins and notes from the cash boxes.
  7. The count of the notes/coins will be displayed on the Audit Reports previously printed off.
  8. Press the 'Clear All Audits' button.
  9. Print off a final Audit Report to show that the PayStation has been cleared down and new stock levels successfully inputted. 
​If you have any further questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service Team on 01707-280020 or by email at support@eurocoin.co.uk


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