MC-62 Replacement For Obsolete CC-62 Coin Mechanism

MC-62 Replacement For Obsolete CC-62 Coin Mechanism

Hanry Anjo

The CC-62 Coin Comparitor from Coin Mechanisms Inc. became obsolete in 2007. 

In ​Field Service Bulletin FSB07001, CM Inc. outlined the obsolescence of the CC-62 coin mechanism and said that this model of Coin Comparitor mechanism is being replaced by the MC-62. This bulletin also gives the various part numbers which need to be ordered, depending on the specific CC-62 coinage the operator might have.

The MC-62 Comparitor also needs to be accompanied by the mating harness 09280054 which the customer can use to wire into his machine.

09280054Interface (3).jpg

There is also wiring information on This document for the MC-62 which enables the customer to wire the mating harness into his machine.


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