No €10 Upgrade Pathway for WBA Range, Announce JCM-Global

No €10 Upgrade Pathway for WBA Range, Announce JCM-Global

Colin Veitch

On ​13 Feb 2014 JCM-Europe have informed their Authorised Service Centres that there will NO upgrade firmware pathway to the new €10 bank note for the WBA range, when the new banknote is launched in September 2014. Instead, a programme of attractive offers will be marketed by Eurocoin Ltd, encouraging JCM WBA users to trade in their older units for the latest iPRO and iVIZION bill acceptors.

JCM's official statement made clear that the additional security features of the new €10 'Europa series' bank notes would be far better managed via its new range of sophisticated bank note validators.... "the WBA series, due to the red & infrared sensor technique and the positioning of the sensors, cannot distinguish the mainly red and infrared data on the new €10 bills. This means, that simple color copies of the new €10 bill might be accepted and credited". 

The advance testing completed by JCM in January 2014 on the new €10 notes allowed the company to make the decision early in the year, in plenty of time to assist clients through the transition period before the new €10 launch date on 23rd September 2014.

WBA users are encouraged to contact the Eurocoin Sales & Support teams in our offices across Europe, where immediate assistance is available to integrate either iPRO or iVIZION into existing machines, kiosks or other applications. Contact for more details.


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