Timers - How do I Choose the Correct Timer

Timers - How do I Choose the Correct Timer

Ray Moore

Eurocoin offer a range of timers to suit most needs.

The basic function of a timer is to switch a load on for a preset period on receipt of the correct payment.

To determine the model you require see below:

Single coin or multi coin ??

Single coin means only one denomination is accepted ie £1 coin.
The timer will operate for a preset time period when a £1 coin is inserted.
The Standard Timer is suitable, see below for options available.

Multi coin means up to 6 coins can be accepted ie 5p,10,20p,50p,£1,£2.
The timer will operate for a preset time when any coins are inserted to the value of the vend price.
You will need the 2000R model timer.

How much wattage do you want to switch ??

Timers are available in 2 versions depending on switching capacity.
1 KVA up to 1kw (1000 watts)
7 KVA up to 7kw (7000 watts)

Standard Timer
How long do you want the timer to switch on the load for ??

The standard version (basic) will switch from 1-63 minutes, however once the first coin is inserted any other coins inserted will be lost.

A lockout can be fitted as an option, this will block the coin entry during the timed period, preventing insertion of any more coins.

A 3 digit LED display is available which shows how many minutes are remaining, this option also accumulates coins inserted up to 199 minutes.

A Matchplay switch overides the timing mechanism to enable free vend.

A coin counter can be fitted.



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